The FA?s

Since I never get asked questions, anything anyone asks me from now on will be considered a frequently asked question.

What are hot dogs made of? 

I get asked this question a lot. The answer might surprise you. Hot dogs aren’t made of anything disgusting like pig intestines, rat poison, or chewed up hot dogs. Actually, the ingredients are pretty basic. Naturally, every manufacturer has its own copyrighted recipe, so it would be silly for me to try and answer this question in one paragraph. There is, however, one ingredient that has remained consistent throughout the hot dog’s history, used by most manufacturers to achieve the red color people have come to expect, and that ingredient is red acrylic paint.

Why is it okay to call your aunt an ant?

The more important question is: when will it be okay again to use the word pismire?

If Benjamin Franklin, as the result of a botched experiment, were to be transported to our time with you as his only modern contact, what would shock him most and how would you explain it?

The many modern applications of electricity. In order to present his greatest discovery at work, I would take him to see a 3-D movie. He would be unimpressed, but the glasses would give him the idea for bifocals.