“Everybody Belongs Here More Than Me”

A phone rings once. A soothing female recorded voice plays.  FRV: Thank you for calling the National Suicide Hotline. We are here to help. From out of nowhere, a male recorded voice.  MRV: For English, press “1” now. Para español, toca el dos.   A sigh into the receiver as we hear a touch tone dialing … Continue reading

“On Debuts”

Two former debutantes, Macy and Lacy, drinking mint juleps in the Alabama sun. MACY: Oh, but it was so lovely, Lacy. I don’t think I could imagine a better debut than yours. There was everything a debut required: drinking, women, and men. LACY: There are just certain moments that, the remembering of, go to make … Continue reading

Résumé 2011

As a principle, I don’t love end-of-year lists, but since it is my Second Amendment right as a blogger to have one (and since I’ve been studiously tracking my cultural intake all year) I might as well share it with everyone. This year, I re-visited: Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West (novel) Asterios Polyp by David Mazzuchelli … Continue reading

“On Dangerous Methods”

Setting: Vienna, Austria  Time: Central European JUNG: You must understand, there has to be more to psychoanalysis than penis imagery. Sex is not all that people think about. FREUD: Maybe so. But your blind faith in frivolous mythology, my friend, will inhibit the entire movement. I guarantee you, in one hundred years’ time there will … Continue reading

“On Christmas Spirit”

Between the late Kim Jong-il and “Dr.” Theodor Geisel “Seuss”.  JONG-IL: A Christmas tree is an offensive symbol of faith. I would not want one near my border, and if South Korea puts one up, so help me God– GEISEL: But, my dear Kimberly, where is your Christmas spirit?! JONG-IL: There is no such thing … Continue reading