John Carpenter’s The Thing – with Penguins (Video)

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“2 Great First Day Movies”

Sometimes the first day doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Let’s see what lessons Hollywood University has to teach us about preparing for the worst. SOUL MAN (1986) Premise: C. Thomas Howell, hearthrob of the eighties, gets into Harvard Law School. He can’t pay his way, so he applies for a scholarship intended for black … Continue reading

Starcrash (Video)

Thank you, Sarah.

Résumé 2011

As a principle, I don’t love end-of-year lists, but since it is my Second Amendment right as a blogger to have one (and since I’ve been studiously tracking my cultural intake all year) I might as well share it with everyone. This year, I re-visited: Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West (novel) Asterios Polyp by David Mazzuchelli … Continue reading

“On Dangerous Methods”

Setting: Vienna, Austria  Time: Central European JUNG: You must understand, there has to be more to psychoanalysis than penis imagery. Sex is not all that people think about. FREUD: Maybe so. But your blind faith in frivolous mythology, my friend, will inhibit the entire movement. I guarantee you, in one hundred years’ time there will … Continue reading