“Prepare for the Journey”

Listening to the Art Ensemble of Chicago yesterday made me wonder what other musicians Sun Ra inspired. Turns out, Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Arkestra appear on the poster for a Sonic Youth show July 4, 1992. That same year, he also brought the Arkestra to Saturday Night Live. Then, in 1993, he died. It … Continue reading

Maggie Jones sings Suicide Blues (1925)

“Suicide Blues” sung by Maggie Jones (1925), via¬†Internet Archive Just found this great blues recording while searching for “Fletcher Henderson.” As far as I can tell, Maggie Jones worked with Fletcher Henderson, but he had nothing to do with this song. – Sz

“My Great Playlist: Mitt Loves Jazz”

When are they going to start asking what Mitt Romney’s favorite music is? Until that point, I recommend we just guess. Mitt Romney lists his favs: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis: “I was first introduced to this record in college. A friend of mine said it was good stress relief. He was right, I … Continue reading

“Good-bye, Pork Pie Hat. Hello, Fedora.”

This week’s conversation topic is jazz. If you don’t have rhythm, I’m not going to give you any of mine.