“Prepare for the Journey”

Listening to the Art Ensemble of Chicago yesterday made me wonder what other musicians Sun Ra inspired. Turns out, Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Arkestra appear on the poster for a Sonic Youth show July 4, 1992.

That same year, he also brought the Arkestra to Saturday Night Live. Then, in 1993, he died. It took Sun Ra the the better part of 60 years for to win national appreciation, and once he does he dies. But the most befuddling aspect of Sun Ra is that, unlike Charles Mingus, unlike me, unlike so may artists, appreciation was something he never seemed to care about. He knew his calling from a very early age. He had a message and he shared it. Truly incredible.

I’d like to end this week of posts with a poem from the eternal being we here on earth came to know as Sun Ra:

This is the  space age
the age beyond the Earth Age

a different direction
beyond the gravitations
of the past

This is the space age

his disguised twin of tomorrow

striking upon
the Earth with
relentless power like a perpetual whip.

This is thespace age.

Prepare for the journey!

You have a rendezvous
with the
Living Wisdom
of the Unadulterated Fate.

Prepare for the journey!

Like a  happy child
you will  step out  of the pages
of the
Blinding Blend of the Book,
and gaze astounded

at the endless space of the cosmo-void.

Your new course  is the Cosmic Way …

Your new vehicle  is the  Cosmic Plane;

You are to reach, approach
the Omni-Cosmo Way

You will learn to  journey with courage…

with Fiery Aim to Find

the even greater day
of the
even greater tomorrow.

The Cosmo-Timeless  Realm
of the Omni-Evolution-Immortalic Day.


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