“I’m Sorry, Books, But I Have to Sell You”

It’s crazy, but I feel the need to apologize to inanimate objects.
  1. It’s simply a matter of timing, The Letters of F. Scott FitzgeraldI bought you before I had college loans to pay off. Maybe it would have been okay if I read you right on the spot; but I waited too long, and now I think I would have to start drinking to truly appreciate you.
  2. I found you, The Trouble with Tom by Paul Collins, at a Dollar Store next to my bank. I had just deposited a paycheck and was feeling like a big spender. I wasn’t in my right mind and I made a horrible mistake. I’m sorry.
  3. Hamlet by William Shakespearelisten to me. You and me, we’re forever. I just need to figure some stuff out, okay?
  4. Oh, The Adderall Diaries by Stephen Elliott, we gave it a good run, didn’t we? We pretended for so long, only to realize that there was nothing between us but lust.
  5. No regrets, The Muses Are Heard by Truman Capote. We’ll always have Moscow.
  6. I’ll never forget, Ripped by Greg Kot, when I bought you off of Amazon for $14 and tried to sell you back for $20. How we laughed, didn’t we?  I can’t help but recognize we aren’t laughing now.
  7. I will be honest, Writing the Past, Inscribing the Future by Nancy Florida, I have no idea what I was thinking.
2 Responses to ““I’m Sorry, Books, But I Have to Sell You””
  1. I have to go through and get rid of some books today as well. It’s truly heartbreaking. I wish I could hold on to them all, but space is limited these days.

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