“On Dangerous Methods”

Setting: Vienna, Austria 

Time: Central European

JUNG: You must understand, there has to be more to psychoanalysis than penis imagery. Sex is not all that people think about.

FREUD: Maybe so. But your blind faith in frivolous mythology, my friend, will inhibit the entire movement. I guarantee you, in one hundred years’ time there will be novelty plush dolls sold in our respective likenesses — but my plush doll will be the bigger seller.

JUNG: Do you want any of this liver sausage?

FREUD: No, but my six children might.

JUNG: I’m sorry. It’s already on my plate. Shall I put some back?

FREUD: No, that’s fine.

JUNG: Well, I’m not going to eat all of it. I feel like a fool.

FREUD: Then we’ll package it up for you to take home.

JUNG: That’s a wise idea. I’d never though of putting sausage into a box.

FREUD: You have to make sure the box is big enough. Sometimes the sausage swells to a larger size on its way in.

JUNG: Indeed. But as I was saying, dear Freud — to an enlightened mind, not everything is about sex. Take sports, for instance. If only men play sports, then how can so many men take an interest as spectators if their only association is sex? Do you mean to say the spectators only enjoy watching sports because it looks like they’re watching sex?

FREUD: Have you ever seen a game of jai alai? 


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