“Yes, these bombs are exactly what I wanted.”


“This Fact is Fun! Chinese Food Oyster Pails”

This fact is fun! The iconic Chinese take out container is called an “oyster pail,” originally developed by oyster sellers who needed a container sanitary enough to hold mollusks outside of their shells.  The paper oyster pail was adopted by Chinese take-out culture post WWII, and has remained a staple ever since, as has the … Continue reading

“I’m Sorry, Books, But I Have to Sell You”

It’s crazy, but I feel the need to apologize to inanimate objects. It’s simply a matter of timing, The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I bought you before I had college loans to pay off. Maybe it would have been okay if I read you right on the spot; but I waited too long, and now I … Continue reading

“OMG What Should i Do With All of these Leftover Champagne??”

The first regret most people experience on New Year’s morning is having bought too much champagne. Here are some handy hints to make the best of a bubbly situation: Stage a Photo Shoot: Local newspapers and social websites are always scrambling on New Year’s Day to find pictures of the craziest parties from last night, and … Continue reading

Pride of Leominster, Mass.

This fact is fun! Tupperware was introduced to the public in 1946, by a man from Leominster, Massachusetts. Though I grew up in Massachusetts, I couldn’t tell you where that is. To me as a kid it always sounded like a kind of cheese, and it made perfect sense when my parents said they didn’t … Continue reading